Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The WI outing to The National Memorial Arboretum.

The Memorial Wall, very evocative and amazing, so many names...but so stunning.

Doreen, Adeline and Alice at the Memorial Wall.

The WI bench and wall.

Doreen and Adeline at the WI bench.

The Chapel on the left, and a general view.

Words can't describe the Arboretum, it has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

After the visit, we started home, to a village on Watling Street, Wall.

The Wall WI had made a wonderful tea for us.

Wall village hall.

To our surprise we could also see the Roman Town just up the lane.

With village views.

It was an amazing day out. We had seen so much, and would have memories of the day in the days to come.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Winchcombe WI visit the Yellow Hat Tribe Gallery.

The gallery consists of many paintings by Irene Tyack, with her quirky yellow hat figures.

On August 4th, 12 of us went to visit the gallery, also to walk past the fields of ostriches, emus and donkeys to see the sunflowers!

Jo and Pat at the entrance to the gallery.

Val and Nancie browsing, looking for shopping opportunities!

Alice with a kitchen mat.

The field of sunflowers, many still to flower.

Alice with her sunflowers!

Outside the gallery, waiting for the shoppers to finish!

Brenda, Audrey, Diana, Val and Nancie.

Doreen, with her flowers, her hat matched the surroundings!

Taking the booty home!

It was a really interesting visit, with so much to see, both in the gallery and along the walk to see the amazing crop of sunflowers.