Monday, 29 March 2010

Winchcombe WI wins the Pat Jacobs Award!

Winchcombe WI knitters were awarded the Pat Jacobs Award at the GFWI meeting on Wednesday 24th March. To get the award, the WI had to do something to benefit the youth in the community, to be involved with children, ensuring the young people enjoy taking up a challenge, and progress learning forward to the next generation.

And indeed the children took up the challenge! Once a week for the past 4 years, 7 WI women had gone to the local primary school, Winchcombe Abbey Primary School and taught 14 year 4's, [9 year olds,] to knit. The project was for the children to knit squares, and one of the members then made all the squares into a blanket! At the end, the blanket was quite large! The children are really excited by this, and rightly proud of their achievements, and with the certificate they also earned.

The knitting sessions were held in the children's lunch time, and they came for 2 terms! They were really enthusiastic, and didn't fail to come for their lesson.

The first blanket was sent to India, and the second will be sent to Africa.

WI members at the races!

Four WI members had a great day celebrating the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Diana, Gill, Brenda and Val.

It looks like Diana won!

Friday, 26 March 2010

An Invitation to join in the fun and friendship!

We have recently been to the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury to see 'Glorious 39' A great movie, making us think about our early years. At the end of March we will go to see 'The Last Station'. Will it be too risqué for us?

Several outings are arranged for the spring and summer. In April we go on a mystery blossom tour. The exact route isn't decided till the day, to make sure we get the best blossoms. We do know that, as usual, we will end up at a country WI for another delicious WI tea!

In June several of us are going to see 'The Calendar Girls' in the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. It is so appropriate for a WI to see a show of another WI. Will we want to copy them, the jury is out on that!

As there is no monthly meeting in August, we will instead all go to the National Memorial Arboretum for a day out It will be quite a day out, as it is in the National Forest, near Lichfield. We will get lunch there, but on our route back, we will stop off for a WI tea. It is marvellous to have all these teas available round the countryside!

As well as trips out, we have a list of excellent speakers each month, when we learn about so much, from Dowdswell Reservoir, Tripping down the Nile, and Belly Dancing, just a few examples. Every month we have the flower of the month competition, raffle and a sales table. It is always a busy, interesting meeting, with tea in the middle, and usually home-made cake. There is a chance to talk to everyone, catch up on news and so on.

We go to the group skittles and bowls contest, quiz, and meetings. We encourage members to go to Denham, the WI centre, which runs really good classes in just about everything. Accommodation is available there, and the Winchcombe WI provides two bursaries each year.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Winchcombe WI 90th party

Winchcombe WI was founded on November 27th, 1919, so in December 2009 we celebrated our anniversary with a party! We felt it was in keeping, as the GFWI celebrated the 90th anniversary with functions all year.

The party was held in the Methodist Hall on Tuesday December 15th, where latterly we have held our meetings. After a short business meeting, the party started. We were honoured to have Margaret Clarke, the GFWI County Chairman and Sue Wilson, the County Vice chairman to help us celebrate.

The tables were decorated beautifully, with the flower arrangements by member Audrey Woof. Sausage rolls, mince pies and fruit punch were served, as well as tea! We had a wonderful cake, made by President Doreen Nurden, iced by member Brenda Gregory. After the cake cutting, we all had a piece, and it was excellent, as was all the food, as befits a WI catered function!

Some former members attended, including several former Presidents of our WI, making it feel like a truly special afternoon. It was a wonderful chance to talk to everyone, and enjoy the tea.

On to the entertainment. Jean Ford, a Winchcombe resident, recited some of her really witty poems and thoughts. As we all know her, it made the recital more fun. Then David Manifold, accompanied on the piano by Catherine Newman sang songs, old and new, ending with a carol, well it was December!

It was a happy, fun filled afternoon, and we felt we certainly had celebrated our 90th anniversary in style. On now to our 100th anniversary!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The First Post

Winchcombe WI's 90th anniversary party!

November 29th 2009, with the party in December.

The cake was made by Doreen, iced by Brenda, the cake right over on the right was made by Daisy for Jill's 90th birthday!

Doreen and Sally, our President and Secretary. They keep us in order! Also they encourage friendship, and interest in the WI.

The party,

The meeting.

Cutting the cake, Doreen, Sally and GFWI Sue and Margaret.

The tea, Valerie and Con in the foreground.

Jo and Gill


Selling raffle tickets, Joan

The entertainment, David and Catherine.

And Jean.

Fun was had by all!